Why do “America” ​​and European governments support the terrorist Houthi militia?


One admires the American administration and European governments’ determination to support the Houthi militia, which produces nothing but destruction. One is puzzled by a pressing question: How can countries governed by elections and parliaments ally with a terrorist group that does not recognize their society? How can these countries accept the practice of racism that their people have struggled to bring down for a long time?
One does not find an answer to this concern for the Houthi terrorist gang by the US administration and the countries of Europe, especially these countries have suffered from terrorism and tasted its ugliness and were burned by its fire and bloodshed as we suffer from it today in Yemen, and the question is, how countries that are affected by what is happening to us now claim that they are fighting terrorism at the level of Individuals and support at the Houthi level?
The question for the American administration and European countries is, what do you call someone who recruits children and prevents them from going to school and trains them instead in sniping and killing, and what is your description of someone who blows up homes and forces everyone to raise the slogan “Death to America, death to Israel?”
Doesn’t this silence expose you and point the finger of accusation at you, that you are the ones who created this gang to be at your service and the service of global Zionism? Otherwise, what do we call those who are being imprisoned and prosecuted around the world under the accusation of not recognizing the alleged Holocaust of the Jews in World War II, while the Houthi terrorist gang raises the slogan “Death to Israel” And no one is exposed to it?
America and the countries of Europe know with certainty that the Houthis are killing the Yemeni people under the slogan “Death to America, death to Israel.” In the face of this, they protect them from the application of international resolutions to them, prevent them from defeat and prolong their lives in immoral ways that contradict the rules of international law.
The Yemeni people today are addressing the American people and the European peoples to prevent their governments from supporting Houthi terrorism, which distributes indulgences, as if God had entrusted him to enter some into heaven and others into Hell and prevent people from going to the houses of God and frighten them with his false screams that kill Yemenis and demand life for Americans and Israelis.
We in Yemen appeal to the free peoples to bear with us the tears of the bereaved, the terror of the kidnapped, the torment of the prisoners and the screams of terrified children.
They have suffered before us, and they know what the heartbreak of a family whose house is demolished or the dawn of a day means. Today is the time for the truth to be revealed, which is systematically intended to be lost through the complicity with the Houthi militias, which seem to be the daughter of global Zionism.

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