Why does the Houthi militia resort to terrorizing civilians in Marib?


The Houthi militia resorts to criminal means with the intent of terrorizing civilians in Marib by targeting the population in the city and displacement camps with ballistic missiles.

Those who follow the series of targeting civilians in Marib, southern Hodeidah, Taiz and the rest of the seam areas, will notice that it comes after a heavy loss on the fronts and the extermination of their masses.

In another aspect of the battle, the militias’ targeting of civilians coincides with launching propaganda campaigns and spreading rumors in an attempt to turn civilians into a weapon through which to provoke terror and spread terror, which did not happen, especially in Marib, where the population is increasingly determined to confront and defeat the militias.

In my opinion, civilians in Marib, Taiz, and other areas have exceeded the level of intimidation exercised by Houthi terrorism through its missiles and booby-trapped marches. Society considers itself one of the pillars of the battle to restore the state, which it must win.

*Photo of Al-Rahma camp for the displaced, south of Marib, which was bombed by the Houthi militia today

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