Why the September revolution against the Imamis?


Because they used to take what the Yemeni gets after toil and hardship

Because they came to loot the “grain” from the burial grounds of the rural people

Because they sucked the right up to the skin

Because they wanted him for every simple thing he owned: the right of the cow, the right of rain, the right of the stone, the right of donkeys, the right of rams!

Because they confiscated the right of the first to life..

Because they carried out the “Al-Akfa” to avoid the effort and sweat of the forehead, and leave the Yemenis tired and oppressed!

Because the akfa was like their masters, praying for people and wanting a sacrifice, and they wanted corn, and they wanted smoke, and they wanted tobacco, and they wanted wine, and they wanted a place for their weapons, knives!

Because they used to close the city gates at sunset, and frighten the inhabitants with the devastation of the hobban.

Because they wanted a people who would worship a family and accept its knees.

Because they didn’t build a school.

Because they did not allow the simple to teach, to the extent that they considered those who read a letter to be a genius, and the Imamate saw it as a danger to it!

Because they made the Yemeni see aspirin as a magic serum that works for every disease.

Because they made the Yemeni die in front of the simplest epidemic

Because they did not build a hospital.. nor a clinic..

Because they did not view the state as institutions, and they took care of the administrations that bring money and made family members at their head.

Because they copied their predatory nature to their followers who viewed them as employees!

Because they did not pay their employees salaries from the money they looted, and they used to say to them: They stole for you from the people.. Get out of yourselves..

Because they surrounded themselves with an aura of superstition, and deceived people with their lineage and the theory of their divine right to rule.

Because they were closed to the world, and when their elder went to Italy, he took the stones to take a shower in the bathroom.

Because they took Yemeni people as hostages, and kept them in castles and prisons.

Because they abused and tortured Yemenis.

Because they did not fight with honor.

Because they shed Yemeni blood until the blood reached the top of the horses’ rides, as happened during their Imam Abdullah bin Hamza..

Because they destroyed the homes of their opponents and displaced families..

Because they were smiling after every crime..

Because they were mobilizing the people, and they thought that the uproar of the masses and their panicked shouts were in support of them.

Because they wanted a fawning elite, and praisers who were content with what was without crumbs.

Because they drowned themselves in pleasures, and tortured the naked masses who stared at them with hungry looks, most of them wishing to get something to fill their mouths! ..

Because they looked at the Yemenis with arrogance and arrogance

Because they were certain that they were from a holy sperm.

Because they have made a great country, whose name is Happy Yemen, a country forbidden to dreamers, even foreign travelers enter it secretly, a closed country that no one knows, overwhelmed with sadness..

Because they were deceived by the power of Qom

Because they didn’t hear what anyone said.

Because they entrusted an eccentric family that runs a group that specializes in fraud and bloodshed, and they did not listen to anyone’s words..

Because they are children…

Because the causes of the revolution against the Imamate are endless, the republic was established in Yemen on September 26, 1962.

The Yemenis moved from a dark phase to a bright one.

It is true that the new generation does not know the size of the shift, and feels that the rulers who reproduced in the era of the new state, did not build the state in a proper manner. However, whoever reads Yemen before the September 26 revolution, and looks at the republic after it, will feel that it has turned into a paradise..

The previous reasons that led to the September 26 revolution, which wiped out the Imamate, do you not see that they exist in the shadow of the Imamate’s descendants: the Houthis!?

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