With armored vehicles…Houthi National Security storms a Salafi mosque in Sanaa and arrests a prominent Salafi sheikh


Today, Wednesday, the terrorist Houthi militia stormed a Salafi mosque in the capital, Sanaa, with a number of armored vehicles, and arrested the mosque’s leader.
Local sources said that Houthi National Security armored vehicles, carrying dozens of masked men, stormed the Al-Fateh Mosque in Baihan Street, Al-Qadisiyah neighborhood in the capital, Sanaa.
The sources confirmed the arrest of the mosque’s leader, the Salafi Sheikh “Muhammad al-Qaisi” nicknamed “Abu Ishaq,” and taking him to an unknown destination, after performing the afternoon and funeral prayers.
According to the sources, the National Security Forces seized Janabiya al-Qaisi, and fired live bullets extensively inside and outside the mosque to disperse the citizens who had gathered to prevent his arrest.

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