With documents.. Sanhan, the “Saleh” tribe breaks its silence and announces Statement No. (1) against the Houthis


The Sanhan tribe of Sana’a Governorate – to which former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and former President Abdullah al-Sallal belonged – announced the statement No. (1) in which the tribe rejects the blatant interference of the Houthi militia in the affairs of the tribe.

Tribal sources told the Yemeni scene today, Friday, that a tribal meeting was chaired by the sheikhs and notables of the Sanhan tribe in the lower village of Rahm, in which the tribe’s sheikhs demanded the Houthi militia to limit interference in the affairs of the tribe after the appointment of the Houthi militia and the imposition of sheikhs in the tribe without referring to them.

The sources added that the Sanhan tribe announced the refusal of any sheikh imposed on the tribe’s members, as this is contrary to the customs and traditions of the tribe, in which the tribe’s sheikhs are chosen according to the recommendation of the “fine”, which means the males of the tribe who are able to bear arms.

The sources confirmed that the Sanhan tribe does not have the title of Sheikh Daman, as in some other Yemeni tribes, after the Houthi militia appointed Abdul Qadir Al-Shawish as Daman Sheikh for the Sanhan tribe, and the militia issued official documents to that issued by the tribal affairs department and other sheikhs who were imposed by force.

The statement issued by the sheikhs and notables of the Sanhan tribe, which the Yemeni scene obtained a copy of, rejected the racist practices practiced by the Houthi militia against the tribe’s sons, in reference to the appointment of leaders from the dynastic class only, without the tribesmen and those who throw them only on the fighting fronts.

All the sheikhs of the Sanhan tribe signed the statement No. (1) in which they rejected the appointment of persons also by the Houthi militia to run the Sanhan Cooperation Society of the tribe, which owns lands and real estate more than two thousand bricks in the capital, Sanaa, which the Houthi militia is trying to confiscate and disburse to the families of the dead and wounded from the Sanhan district And built Bahloul and converting parts of it as cemeteries for the dead Houthis in Sanaa.

This statement was issued under the signature of all the Sheikhs of the Sanhan tribe, headed by Sheikh Sadiq Abdullah, the statement’s writer, Sheikh Ahmed Hadi Al-Hashishi, the Sheikh of the Sheikhs of Sanhan, Sheikh Ali Yahya Al-Hadhri, Sheikh Yahya Al-Kol and all the Sheikhs of the Sanhan tribe at the village level.

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