With infernal plans… a women’s gang lures men who want to marry through Facebook


The Egyptian security forces arrested a “women’s gang” of 4 women, who lured and robbed men wishing to marry.

In the details, 4 Egyptian women participated in special groups for getting acquainted for marriage (the pages of those who wish to marry) on “Facebook”, and they presented their specifications, and after receiving dozens of offers daily, they choose the “groom” who is financially able, and they choose a new date and place themselves.

And about the theft, after the “promised” man comes to the specified and agreed-upon place, he sits on the seat opposite the accused, and starts talking to reassure her, then the accused puts the drug “clozain” inside the drink he asks for, if he is busy talking with The other, as a result of the drug, the victim loses consciousness immediately after drinking the drink, then they move the “groom” to another place and steal his belongings and the amount of money he owns, and then leave him lying on the ground until he regains consciousness.

After the security services received reports against the accused, they were able to locate and arrest them, and by confronting them, they confessed to committing the incident. The Public Prosecution Office, which started investigations with the accused, was notified. By summoning the victims who wrote the reports against them, it was found that among their victims was a Director General of the Central Auditing Organization.

The Public Prosecution issued an order to imprison the accused for 15 days pending investigations and refer the case to the Criminal Court, which for its part decided to postpone the trial of the accused on the grounds of accusations of theft by coercion of citizens in the Basateen area for the session of October 24.

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