With Katyusha rockets and heavy weapons, the Houthi militia launched a massive attack, causing fear and panic to the citizens.


The Houthi coup militia launched, in the past hours, a massive attack and missile and artillery shelling on government forces’ positions and populated villages in Al-Dhalea Governorate (southern Yemen).

Military and field sources said that the terrorist Houthi militia targeted the homes of the residents of the village of “Jada’a” in the Maris region in Al-Dhalea governorate with three Katyusha missiles.

The sources confirmed that the missile bombardment launched by the Houthi coup militia, caused damage to civilians’ homes and property, and caused a state of fear and panic among women and children.

During the past hours, the Houthi militia launched a massive attack with heavy weapons on government forces in the “Sabirah al-Jab” sector.

The military axis in Al-Dhalea governorate confirmed that the military units stationed in the Sabira-Al-Jib sector thwarted an attack launched by the Houthi militia, and inflicted the militias with human losses.

On Monday evening, violent confrontations erupted between government forces and the Iranian Houthi militia in the Maris district, and the Mars front witnessed clashes in which heavy and medium weapons were used.

The Houthi militia had earlier launched a ballistic missile at Maris and it fell in an uninhabited area, without causing any damage.

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