With the sending of reinforcements from his forces to Marib … a Houthi leader accuses “Tariq Saleh” of enabling the Houthis to carry out an intelligence operation in Marib


The leader of the Houthi militia and the deputy foreign minister of the militia government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, revealed what he called a “successful” reconnaissance operation for Sana’a in Marib, which was in cooperation with the forces of Tariq Saleh, he said.

Al-Ezzi said in a tweet on Twitter, “The coastal convoy was the best cover for carrying out the best reconnaissance operation in Habiba Marib,” referring to the food convoy that Tariq Saleh sent to Hadi forces in Marib last February.

He pointed out that the reason for his tweet came from the Almighty’s saying (and by the grace of your Lord, it happened), and not what he expressed as “impulsiveness (sedition) as some ignorant people might imagine,” according to the tweet.

Activists mocked Al-Ezzi’s tweet, stressing that it reminds them of the strife among the children. The activists, in their response to Al-Ezzi, pointed to the approaching day when the Yemeni forces will coalesce from Hodeidah to Midi to Marib to Al-Dhalea and the militias will flee like rats.

Al-Ezzi’s tweet comes after the intention of the National Resistance Forces, the “Guardians of the Republic”, led by Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, to send large military reinforcements from the western coast to Ma’rib Governorate.

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