Worse than blood pressure .. a common cause of “heart attack”


There are many causes of a fatal heart attack, which comes as a result of a sudden or gradual blockage of blood flow to the heart, and its primary symptoms are heart pain.

Everyone knows that there are two reasons for the occurrence of a heart attack; High cholesterol and high blood pressure, but another unknown factor, may be more dangerous, and it is a common problem for many.

A number of studies say that excessive snoring, which obstructs the passage of air and causes sleep apnea, is one of the most dangerous causes of a heart attack.

According to a study published in the journal Laryngoscope, “The carotid arteries when snoring have thickened arterial walls, and this swelling in the walls indicates damage from trauma and inflammation from the vibrations of snoring.”

Studies also say arterial damage was actually the cause of sleep apnea, and the researchers noted, arterial damage comes first, as it reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood which in turn causes breathing problems.

The results of the study confirmed that snoring “is a greater risk factor for stroke and heart attack compared to smoking, being overweight or having high cholesterol.”

And research that studies the effects of snoring on the heart shows, “there is a double risk of developing arrhythmia among individuals with sleep apnea, and a 140% risk of heart failure.” There are also a large number of hypotheses that reveal the causal effect of sleep apnea on these cases.

Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by the collapse or blockage of the upper airway during sleep.

Studies have warned against leaving this problem untreated, noting that it can lead to a number of health problems, including high blood pressure, stroke, irregular heartbeat, diabetes and obesity.

According to the researchers, “affected people are constantly awake and therefore fatigued during the day, with some suggesting that this may be a contributing factor.”

It is noteworthy that this condition is present in 47 to 83% of people with cardiovascular diseases, and 35% of people with high blood pressure, according to the newspaper “Express”.

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