Yahya al-Houthi takes advantage of the Prophet’s birthday to urge students to fight in the ranks of his group.


The Ministry of Education, which is under the control of the terrorist Houthi militia in Sana’a, imposed financial levies on school students, parents and teachers under the pretext of commemorating the Prophet’s birthday, through the establishment of sectarian activities and events whose content encourages fighting.

According to identical media and local sources in Sana’a, Minister Yahya al-Houthi directed the activities sector and education departments in the governorates to form a joint team and invite education offices and schools in the districts to hold events and activities to commemorate the Prophet’s birthday.

The sources stated that the activities and events held by the militia under the cover of “the Prophet’s Birthday” include sectarian roles and calls for collecting financial donations from students, “males and females”, students’ parents and teachers.

The source stated that the Houthi minister stressed the establishment of activities that urge fighting in their ranks and loyal to the leader of the militia, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

He urged the inclusion of sectarian character in school events and their inclusion with events and personalities from those used by the militia in promoting the concepts of sectarianism and racism and presenting them as accompanying jihadist roles in the biography of the Noble Prophet and linking them to the sectarian dynasty and the events taking place in the country.

The source warned of the dangers of these activities to students and society in the near and far cities, in light of the militia’s control over the education sector, which it has booby-trapped with dozens of sectarian courses and thousands of summer centers since its coup against the government in September 2014.

Recently, the Iranian-backed Houthi militia made extensive changes to the textbooks for primary school students, and introduced new courses for university students.

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