Yassin Saeed Noaman: This is a microcosm of Yemen that came from “Al-Abdiyyah” in Marib


The Yemeni ambassador to Britain, Yassin Saeed Noman, confirmed that what is happening in the Abdiya district of Marib governorate is a microcosm of the brutality of the Houthi militia, noting that these militias did not leave ties to coexist with them after this tampering with the lives of Yemenis.

Noaman asked, through his Facebook account, “What are the bonds of coexistence left by the Houthis after this extravagance in tampering with the lives of Yemenis?”

He added that “what slavery is witnessing in Marib is a model of brutality that can only be recorded as a witness that one day hatred, resentment and thuggery of power passed from here,” stressing that “the blood shed by Iran’s weapons in this part of the land of Yemen.” It will remain the title of a historical scene in which the sons of the “Eidiya” embodied, with their steadfastness, the strength of their attachment to their land and their dignity.”

The Yemeni ambassador pointed out, “The siege imposed by the Mongols of the age on it reproduces the history of a priestly rule that burdened Yemen with a siege that lasted for centuries, and that all the qualifications of that rule and its remnants are the siege of Yemenis wherever and whenever they were able to do so.”

For more than three weeks, the Abdiya district of Marib governorate has been witnessing a suffocating siege by the Houthi militia, hoping to storm it, in light of the fierce resistance of its besieged sons.

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