Yemen at the top of the agenda of “Russian” and “Iranian” talks in “Moscow”


Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian twice mentioned the Yemeni file among the issues on the agenda of his talks today, Wednesday, in Moscow, with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov; As reported by “Russia Today”.

In a speech at the beginning of the talks, Abdullahian said that today’s meeting provides Iran and Russia “a good opportunity to review the regional agenda, especially the files of the South Caucasus, Afghanistan and Yemen.”

Abdullahian again addressed the Yemeni file during a joint press conference following the talks, saying: “Of course we will talk about this issue with regard to Yemen, and we believe that Yemen belongs to all Yemenis, and there is a need to lift the humanitarian siege on it, declare a ceasefire and hold Yemeni talks – Yemeni”.

In his statements today, Lavrov did not address the Yemeni file, and it is not yet clear what place this issue has taken on the agenda of the talks.

This comes in conjunction with international, US and regional diplomatic moves to end the war in Yemen, despite the Houthi rebels’ rejection and their continued escalation towards Marib Governorate.

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