“Yemen is not just a subject of war, but a rich culture.”…US envoy King visits Yemen’s pavilion at Dubai Expo


The US envoy to Yemen, Mr. Demothy Linder King, praised the Yemeni pavilion “Afad Sheba” at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Expressing his impression of what he found in the pavilion, which was received by Dr. Manahil Thabet, executive commissioner of the pavilion, the US envoy, Mr. Linder King, said during his visit to the Yemeni pavilion at Expo Dubai: “Yemen is not just a matter of war, it is related to a rich culture in knowledge, science and innovation that this country possesses.” ..”.

For her part, Dr. Manahil Thabet assured the US envoy, Linder King, that the goal of the Yemeni pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is to present the most beautiful cultural and civilized face to Yemen in an effort to achieve a state of peace in Yemen, in an attempt to deliver a true message of peace through it, which the US envoy to Yemen definitely sensed. .

Dr. Manahil Thabet expressed her deep thanks for the visit of the US envoy to Yemen, Mr. Demothy Linder King, to the Grandchildren of Sheba pavilion, and promised to continue publishing and presenting the most beautiful face of Yemen in regional and global forums.

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