Yemen participates.. Postponing the West Asian Junior Football Championship


The West Asian Football Federation announced the postponement of the eighth junior championship, which was scheduled to start on October 14, hosted by the Saudi Federation.
The postponement came after coordination and agreement with all the ten civil federations that confirmed their participation, due to some administrative and logistical arrangements for the organization.
The West Asian Federation has set next December to hold the tournament, so that the date will be officially set later and after coordination with the Saudi Federation.
The tournament will have the participation of ten teams, along with Saudi Arabia, the holder of the seventh edition: Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq.
The draw for the tournament resulted in the Saudi team coming into the first group, which also included the teams of Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, while the teams of Syria, Palestine and the UAE came in the second group, while the third group included the teams of Bahrain, Jordan and Kuwait.
The seventh edition of the junior championship was held in Jordan in 2019 and the Saudi team won its title, while the Jordanian team came second, and the Syrian team came third, and alongside these teams witnessed the participation of: Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq and Oman.

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