Yemeni army spokesman announces new advances in battles with Houthis in four governorates, coinciding with the battle of the “Golden Arc” on the western coast


The official spokesman for the Yemeni army, Brigadier General Abdo Majali, said today, Friday, that the forces of the army, the popular resistance and the tribesmen are making field progress at the expense of the Houthi militia on various fighting fronts in several governorates.

Majali stated in a press briefing published by “September Net”, that there has been significant field progress by the Yemeni army in the southern fronts of Ma’rib Governorate, “which came after successful offensive operations against the Iranian Houthi militia.”

He pointed out that the operations of the Yemeni army, “included several fronts, including Ma’la, Umm Reesh, Al-Amoud and Dhanna, and ended with the restoration of important sites and greatly drained the militia of its combat capabilities, and resulted in the killing of dozens of those terrorist elements, and the arrest of numbers of them, and crews were recovered.” combat and quantities of medium and light weapons and ammunition.”

With regard to the western fronts of the Marib governorate, Brigadier Majali said that the army was able to thwart several attacks by the Houthi militia and incurred losses in equipment and lives, while the army forces on the fronts of the Serwah district carried out successful attacks and ambushes, which caused the Houthis losses in lives and equipment.

He stated that the army forces in the Taiz axis continued to carry out qualitative attacks on Houthi militia sites in the “Hadran and Al-Sayahi” areas, west of the city of Taiz, which resulted in the liberation of several sites and inflicting losses on the Houthis.

On the developments in the field conditions in Shabwa governorate, the Yemeni army spokesman confirmed that the army and the popular resistance carried out a counter-attack on the positions of the Houthi militia on the fronts of the Bihan and Usaylan districts, and were able to achieve field progress and eliminate dozens of Houthi elements in the Baihan and Asilan mountains.

Majali said that the military operations on the fronts of Al-Jawf Governorate, in the north, are “continuing with the support of the aviation, as ambushes and offensive offensive actions are carried out on a number of fronts, including Jafair, Huwaisyan and Qenaw.”

This comes in conjunction with the announcement of the joint forces on the West Coast, that the launch of a military operation called the “Golden Arc” and the liberation of dozens of kilometers in the governorates of Hodeidah and Taiz.

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