Yemeni diplomat blows it up in the face of legitimacy: Every day we lose part of the land


A Yemeni diplomat mocked the legitimate Yemeni government’s stances towards the crimes and battles of the Houthi terrorist militia in various Yemeni governorates.
Yemeni consul Nayef Tuaman said that the leaders of the legitimate government “still dream of peace with Al-Houthi,” stressing that “they are not satisfied with what we are in to know that Al-Houthi has no intention of any peace.”
“They may know this, but they want to show the world that we are advocates of peace, and this is true,” Tuaman added through his Twitter account.
In response to a statement published by Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani, he stressed, “But in return for that, we lose every day a part of the land. Will we continue to pretend for peace until the fall?”
He pointed out that “peace is imposed by force.”
Al-Eryani had warned of the continued military escalation of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia on the fronts of Marib Governorate.
Al-Eryani considered that the militia’s continued bombardment of civilians and populated areas, and the siege and starvation of the residents of the Abdiya district, in light of the silence and inaction of the international community, restores the situation to ground zero and blows up any glimmer of hope for calm and peace in Yemen.

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