Yemeni diplomat: Legitimacy failed Al-Abdiyyah, and Al-Houthi made a tempting offer for its children


The terrorist Houthi militia presented a new offer to the people of the Abdiya district in Marib (east of the country) and those stationed there, taking advantage of the legitimacy of the district’s failure, according to a Yemeni diplomat.
The Yemeni Consul, Nayef Tuaman, said that the militia offered the people of the Abdiya district to provide ambulance for their wounded to Sana’a, taking advantage of the “legal betrayal” of the district and its sons.
Toaiman stressed that the sons of Abdiya rejected the militia’s offer, “because they carry the cause of a homeland and not a personal one.”
Meanwhile, fierce military battles are taking place between the Houthis and the National Army, backed by tribes from the region, in the Abdiya district of Ma’rib.
It is worth noting that the directorate is complaining of a great shortage of medicines after the Houthi militia imposed its suffocating siege on the directorate and its parents three weeks ago.

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