“Yemeni Health” exempts the target groups from taking the “Corona” vaccine (document)


Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Health of the recognized Yemeni government directed to exempt the target groups from pre-registration to take the emerging coronavirus vaccine.
The primary health care sector in the ministry urged, in a circular received by Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni, all health offices in the governorates to give the anti-Coronavirus vaccine to the target groups without requiring prior registration on the electronic platform to take the vaccine.
The circular stressed that the anti-virus vaccine should be given to the specific target groups as follows: health workers, the elderly, people with chronic diseases, prison reform inmates, humanitarian workers, and the displaced (provided that medical teams go to their camps).
The circular addressed the directors of health offices, in turn, instructing immunization departments and health workers to vaccinate the aforementioned groups when they attend health facilities.
This comes as Corona’s injuries in the governorates under the recognized government’s control crossed the 9,000 threshold, coinciding with the start of the second vaccination campaign against the virus.

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