Yemeni intelligence reveals dangerous security information about the Houthis’ relationship with Al-Qaeda and the mastermind of the Cole bombing


Yemeni intelligence revealed dangerous security information about the Houthi terrorist militia embracing dozens of al-Qaeda members in Sanaa, some of whom are wanted internationally.
Ahmed Shabah, a journalist in moral guidance at the Yemeni Ministry of Defense and close to Minister Muhammad al-Maqdashi of the Yemeni Security and Intelligence Service, reported that the Iranian Houthi militia released (252) terrorist prisoners who were imprisoned in the prisons of the Political Security and National Security agencies in Sanaa and other governorates.
According to Shabeh, among those released by the Houthi militia was terrorist Jamal Muhammad Al-Badawi, one of the most prominent masterminds of the bombing of the US destroyer (USS Cole).
The ghost confirmed the presence of (55) al-Qaeda terrorists in Sanaa and other provinces that fall under the control of the Iranian Houthi militia, most notably the terrorist named (Awad Jassem Barfaa) and the terrorist Hisham Bawazeer.

It is worth noting that the militia claims to have continuously launched military battles against Al-Qaeda in more than one Yemeni governorate, and is marketing itself as a savior for Yemen and the region from terrorism.

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