Yemeni mental problem


Yasser Al-Awadi was very antagonistic with the reform to the extent that he was overwhelmed by the lack of evaluation of right from wrong and between partisanship and national constants, and perhaps he was the same with the rest of those who quarrel with the conference..

He is a character who grew up in a tribal environment. If he is faithful, he is intense in his loyalty, and if he hates, he increases in his hatred and intensity. This is the Arab tribal mentality, and it is not slanderous as much as it is aspects of purity that are manifested in Arab attitudes between either love and sacrifice, or hatred and intense hatred.

The pluralism of parties in Yemen was made during 30 years in the positions of Yemenis in the feuding tribal areas and did not create competition.

As for the personal level, away from political grudges, you will find Al-Awadi, according to those who knew him, (a gentleman), and this is the problem of Yemen and the Yemenis, which is that partisan pluralism formed the Yemeni tribal mentality according to intense hatred or intense love without giving common values ​​and the entity of the republic a priority.

May God have mercy on him.

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