Yemeni singer Balqis Fathi wins the Hollywood International Prize in “Music”


Yemeni singer Balqis Ahmed Fathi won the World Hollywood Award in the World Music category, for her song “Entaha”, which garnered more than 24 million views on YouTube.

And the artist, Belqis, who holds Emirati citizenship, announced in late October that the song “Enaha” was nominated for the finals of the Hollywood International Prize, and she tweeted this to her fans on the “Twitter” platform, where she said: “Just reaching the nomination is a gain, and with God’s permission I win, because Gulf art does not It lacks something to reach the world.”

She added: “The song is an integrated work, written by Meshary Ibrahim, composed by Abdel Aziz Al-Ways, distributed by Ali Al-Matrouk, Mix and Master Suhaib Al-Awadi, and directed by Dan Haddad. Congratulations to all of us.”

The clip “Entaha” gained more than 24 million views on YouTube, where Belqis starred in five looks that emulated the latest fashion trends.

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