Yemeni stars in the sky of America!


I admit that I could not hide my admiration!

Yesterday, US President Biden visited the famous GMC car factory in Michigan and was received by the director of the factory, the young Yemeni-American Abdul Qawi Ali Mujahid, from the sons of Mallah Radaa, Al-Bayda Governorate.

The young Yemeni mayor of Hamtramck, Amir Ghaleb, also received Biden during his visit to the factory yesterday

Amir, who is from the sons of Al-Oud, Ibb Governorate, is the first mayor of Yemeni origin for an American city

Weeks ago, former US President Trump angrily complained in a television interview about the role of Yemeni Americans in bringing him down!

Finally, Yemeni Americans have a voice and influence!

This happens after three generations of Yemeni expatriates in the United States and possibly four since the late 19th century

I will not say what this Yemeni-American elite should do today when their first homeland is in the throes of death!

I will not say for a simple reason..which is that this elite is more aware, understanding, feeling and following the course of what is if it lives among us and with us!

But I will at least refer to an urgent and obligatory task, which is to have a continuous and intelligent meeting with the American envoy to Yemen, Linder King, and to explain my fears about what is happening in Yemen and its internal causes, and to expose the plots of his false allies who hate the Republic and Yemeni unity.

Linder King is the gateway to enlightenment and understanding of the American leadership regarding Yemen!

This will only be done by enlightening and understanding the man first!

I will not say this is your national and sacred mission today! …but it’s very important at this time

The Republic and the Greater Yemen, O dears of the country!

Remind Leander King of United States History

At the heart of this date is the proclamation of the Republic and the desperate defense of the United States by the American people.

Had it not been for the republic in America and the unification of its north and its south, it would not have become the greatest power for at least a century until today!

They also reminded Linder King that the United States was fortunate with its leaders, its neighbors, and its geography, which is between water and water from east to west, and its republic and unity won.. No one interfered!

As for the great Yemen in its ancient civilized role, it is unlucky today, neither with its disappointed leaders, nor with its eccentric and intentional neighbors, nor with some of its sons who are sectarian and regionalists in the north and south of the country!

You must choose the smartest and most educated of the community to meet the Linder King

This is the urgent task today before tomorrow!

And you have been an asset to the country, oh dearest of her livers and her heart’s soul…

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