Yemenis in the longest story of struggle – they live hungry.. they die strangers


The longest story of struggle in the history of humanity as a whole is the struggle of Yemenis, and the reason is the Imamate.

The largest waterfall of blood in history, bleeding and bleeding is the blood of Yemenis, and the reason is the Imamate.

The most prolific tears of sadness that bled from their sad places are the tears of Yemeni women, and the reason is the Imamate.

The largest displacement in history is the displacement of Yemenis, and the reason is the Imamate.

The worst human grievance in history is the grievance of the Yemenis, and the reason is the Imamate.

It is presented to the details..

Peoples and groups usually struggle for a year.. for two years.. for a decade.. for two decades.. for a century, for two centuries. Then they settle their affairs and the darkness ends, so that peace prevails and prosperity begins; Except for the Yemenis, their struggle has been a pain that spanned more than a thousand years, during which they continued to whine and groan with longing and blood with blood, and they are still..!

Not a single year has ever been without the disasters of wars and the tragedies of the fighting since the murderous criminal Yahya Hussein Al-Rassi entered the land of Yemen and until today. From battle to battle, from war to war, and from trial to sedition.

Since the year 284 AH, until today, the flow of blood has not stopped. Since then, Yemeni lives have been lost on hills and hills, and between deserts and valleys; Either defending the justice of their human cause, or deceiving them in the crowds of the sons and grandsons of Al-Rassy..!

For my life… if that blood were to gather in one place since then until today, it would be a sea beside the Red Sea. And if those skulls were to be crumpled, they would be a mountain higher than Mount Shuaib in Sana’a..!!

Our Algerian brothers are proud of being “the country of a million martyrs” against the French occupation, and they did not know that an Arab country in the south of the Arabian Peninsula is Yemen, the country of a hundred million martyrs for more than a thousand years.

Since the arrival of Al-Rasi, Yemeni women have shed tears like a torrent of loss: a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a relative, in a historical strife that they have not been satisfied with for more than a thousand years..! The women of a people in the whole earth did not weep as Yemeni women wept for their relatives. And read all the wars and struggles of humanity throughout history, and you will never find an equal for the Yemeni situation.

No people were displaced in history as the Yemeni people, including the Jews, during the Babylonian captivity. The souls of Yemenis perished on land, sea and air while they were looking for a safe shelter and a decent livelihood. The Imamate robbed their land and confiscated their properties. And ask the inner hills of East Africa, how many lives were swallowed up by their plains and reliefs in the first half of the twentieth century. And ask the land of China, India and Indonesia, how many Yemenis were displaced from the Imamate to it during the rule of Al-Qasim family. Rather, they asked America and the whole West about the migrations and exile of Yemenis and their bloody tragedies from decades ago and until today..! Read, if you wish, “They Die as Strangers” by Muhammad Ahmad Abd al-Wali, or a stranger on the road by Muhammad An’am Ghalib. Read “Were the strangers and they were the country” by Al-Baradouni, and “Al-Balah” by Mutahhar Al-Eryani; Indeed, today we read the pages that are before you; Displaced people across the globe. In the Gulf, Egypt, Africa, Turkey, Britain, Malaysia, the Levant, Canada, and every country in the world is not without a miserable homeless Yemeni. The reason is the imamate.

O people… since the Imamate came, the life of the Yemenis is a war, and their war is life, between every battle and battle, a third battle, and between every tragedy and tragedy, another tragedy. For every dead person, a third person is killed. We shed a tear with a tear, a gasp with a gasp, anguish with an ache, and the cause is the Imamate..!

O people, the tragedy of the Yemenis is unlike any other, the pain of the Yemeni is different, his pain is different from all other pain. Compound pain, double pain, painful on the inside, pain on the outside. And only the cardinals of the Imamate who build palaces and enjoy the luxury of life.

The life of a Yemeni has never calmed down because of the cancer of the Imamate, a betrayed president and another homeless, a murdered merchant and another exiled, a politician arrested and another displaced, an imprisoned intellectual and another lost, an orphan and a sick child, a sick and ignorant citizen. The reason is the imamate.

Yemenis, this is your story, and these are your enemies before you. Will you be victorious for yourselves while you are the kings of the earth, descendants of Qahtan?!

Here and our rulers are in the labyrinth

Hovering in our footsteps

They buy thousands of thousands

And he gives them bribery

And they build houses with ruins

Exterminate or demolish

They built palaces full of bricks

Meat of the masses and the greatest

My brother, if the prince’s palaces are lit up

So say those our livers are set on fire

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