You should never stop sneezing… Doctors give reasons


Sneezing is the result of a series of body reactions that immediately release air from the nose and mouth.

With the pandemic in full swing, people are encouraged to cover their mouths when sneezing. However, preventing sneezing can have a profound effect on the nose and throat.

A panel of experts from the University of Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust explained why we should never stop sneezing. Resisting the urge to sneeze can lead to a number of devastating consequences.

Stopping sneezing by blocking the nostrils and mouth is a dangerous maneuver and should be avoided. This can lead to numerous complications such as the pseudo-mediastinum (air in the chest between both lungs), perforation of the tympanic membrane and even rupture of a cerebral aneurysm (swelling of the blood vessels in the brain).

It has long been known that suppressing a sneeze can damage blood vessels in the eyes, nose, or eardrums, according to the Mediforum website.

With increased pressure in the nasal passage, sneezing can cause blood vessels to constrict and rupture. These types of injuries can cause superficial damage to the appearance in the form of redness in the eyes or nose.

A panel of experts detailed the case of a man who tore the back of his throat due to stifling sneezing. A 34-year-old man reported that when this happened, he felt a “clapping” sensation in his neck.

As a result, the researchers said, he could barely speak or swallow and was in severe pain. In some rare cases, other doctors have noticed cases in which compressed air gets stuck in the diaphragm, leading to a pneumothorax (a contraction of the lungs).

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