You would not expect .. To whom did the artist, Balqis Fathi, give her victory in the “Hollywood” award that she received recently?


The Yemeni artist, Balqis Fathi, gifted the Hollywood Music Award HMMA, which she recently won, to the UAE, of which she is a national.

Belqis won the Hollywood Music Award HMMA, in the category “Independent Artist” for the song “It’s Over”.
Belqis wrote on her personal page: “I won the award in the category of “independent artist” for a song that ended in Hollywood Music Award HMMA, which was also won by international stars such as Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and Hans Zimmer.”

She added, “I dedicate it to the Emirates of Al-Ghala, my honorable sheikhs, my fans, and the song’s very creative team, and the next one is more beautiful.”

The song is directed by Dan Haddad, and it is written by Meshary Ibrahim, composed by Abdel Aziz Elwes and distributed by Al-Matrouk, according to the “Fi Al Fan” website.

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